Saturday, 18 November 2017

Rick Crane ‎– "Fuji" (ICR ‎– ICR 15) 1983

Rick Crane's second cassette on ICR is the usual pleasant melodic electronica in the DIY Berlin School style as championed by Dave Jones, Carl Matthews and the like.
Its the kind of proto-new age music that is perfect for your landscape video's, or as background music in a Florists.
 Gentle, inoffensive stuff......if that sounds like an insult it's unintentional. There's definitely a talent to making  minimal melodic electronic music for ignoring.


A1 Rising Eastwards
A2 Fuji:Pillowbook Of Dreams
A3 Moondrawn
A4 Inner Struggle
B1 Fisher Of Souls
B2 Of Robots, Men And Zen
B3 The Shrine Of Harai

Friday, 17 November 2017

Dave Jones ‎– "Tansel" (Self-Released Cassette) 1984

One was never safe living in a quiet backwater like Mid-Glamorgen(Wales) back in the early eighties,for you may never know it, there maybe some loner living next door with racks of synthesisers making electronic symphonies for movies that would never be made. Its far worse nowadays, where anyone from a gestating zygote to your mates' granny can make their equivalent of "Jeff Wayne's War Of The Worlds" on their laptop.
This was once thought to be a good thing, but in the modern era, where everyone who has an 'Album' out.....including me!.....has turned this once noble venture towards self-empowerment, into a dense soup of meaningless treacle.
Like X-Factor has Destroyed the 'Singer' as something to be enjoyed rather than endured, so Bandcamp and Soundcloud has destroyed the aura of homemade music through the shear volume of stuff clogging up the communication cables of at least a thousand class 'M' planets.
Oh look, another Band......this guy makes all his own music y'know.....yawn!......hey listen to this 'Industrial Harsh Noise Project' I found on thanks, I've got to go and stand in the corner for a while!?
This is Dave Jones' final release as far I know....or care....and its approaching the dreaded era where we all dumped our analogue stuff for FM Digital, and tried to make realistic Trumpet sounds rather than actually playing a real Trumpet.
This may be the reason Dave disappeared into the welsh valleys to escape this binary crime against culture.Only recently have the War Crimes Tribunal in the Hague put 'Crimes Against Culture' on their statute book, which bring Yamaha and Fairlight into danger of being put on trial, and maybe some of the musicians who used this stuff up for 'Crimes against Humanity'; Paul 'N....n.....n....Nineteen' Harcastle being one of them.The whereabouts of Mr Hardcastle are now unknown.Apparently, there's a rumour that he is in hiding posing as a factory worker in darkest Argentina.
As for 'Tansel', i detect very little digital synthesis,and is reassuringly analogue; although a lot of it does sound like background music for an old skool computer game....which can be a good thing,if you're that way inclined.Personally I prefer it on the commodore C64 or Spectrum ZX, where it can stay. The C64 SID chip has yet to be bettered in my humble computer game-phobe opinion.
Maybe that's what happened to Dave Jones,and he's still churning out inoffensive electronic music for the Playstations and X-Boxes of the modern 'Lost Generation'....that is after-all their eqivalent of Rock'n'Roll one supposes with a dismissive snort? The kind of 'snort' we Generation X'ers had to endure when our Glenn Miller fan parents heard Sham 69 spinning on the teak veneered music centre. 


A1 The Sprite
A2 Sprites Dance
A3 Fairy Go Round
A4 The Trek
A5 Water Laugh
A6 China Lock
A7 No Harm Done
A8 Who Did What
B1 D.S. Blues
B2 'I' Infection
B3 Kirk Revisited
B4 Tansel The Broadcast

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Dave Jones ‎– "Second Attempt" (ICR ‎– ICR007) 1982

Not everyone took the Kraftwerk approach to the synthesiser you know? A plethora of medium length thinning haired bedroom nerds wanted to be Tangerine Dream.Which was now possible by 1980, as the price and size of the necessary equipment was rapidly reducing,and within range of your average 26 year old kosmiche musick fans and their warehouse job wage packets.
This stuff was far easier to make than it was for The Human League to produce 'Being Boiled'; a meandering structure using 'too many notes' rather than  using a carefully selected three note boot to the crotch.
Colin Potters Integrated Circuit Records was the natural home for this new wave of meandering fingers and knob twiddling.If Post Punk was the rebirth of Prog, this stuff displayed the grim reality that original prog had never really gone away, and Ironic that the DIY approach of Punk provided the very music that the 'punks' professed to despise with a vehicle for further existence.
This new lot of Klaus Schulz's never had the same interesting names as their Germanic forebears either.Rick Crane,Carl Matthews, George Garside, and Dave Jones, didn't have the same exotic allure of an Edgar Froese or a Dieter Moebius;but the music was a lo-fi and utterly homemade replication of those Krautrock legends.
So here's Dave Jones' second cassette release from 1982,and could easily have been used in Blade Runner or Chariots of Fire instead of Vangelis......again, it was the name that did for it.Who are you gonna choose, Vangelis or Jones?

A1 Black Mikado
A2 The Jade Temple
A3 Ro
A4 Necropolis
B1 Oh Prodigy
B2 G.F.I.
B3 Voyager
B4 Excerpt
B5 End Play

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Tone Set ‎– "Cal's Ranch" (Zia Records ‎) 1982

Synth Punk from cowpoke country in Arizona isn't the most obvious thing you'd expect.Such practices ,you would think, could easily attract a drunken crucifix waving mob determined to stamp out this faggot/nigger music spawned by Satan himself.
I once drove through Arizona, and stopped to ask a Dungaree and baseball cap wearing  Redneck, who was creosoting a fence(Stereotypes are largely deserved?), which was the way  to Flagstaff. He just turned slowly in my direction and looked at me as if I had just landed from Outer-space, jaw dropped in incomprehension.Not many Flares and Hawaiian Shirt clad Skinheads with English East Midlands accents happen this way often I guess. I repeated the question to be met with silence again. I thanked him, and got back in the car and wheel spun out of there.
This was the same trip, where I entered a redneck hostelry, attracting a disapproving salvo of stares from the locals at the bar.Decided to pay pool and selected something on the jukebox that they could probably like.....AC/DC right?....but instead of 'Hells Bells' the machine decided to play "I'll Tumble For Ya" by fucking Culture Club. I felt in imminent danger of a severe Hill-Billy arse-raping as portrayed in that John Boorman film "Deliverance".So I supped up my Coors Light and my partner and I slipped out the side entrance before Bronski Beat's version of Dueling Banjos came on.
The people who make art in these circumstances are the real heroes of Punk Rock in my opinion.And Tone Set(Galen Herod and Greg Horn) are fine examples of not only that, but of prime minimal wave electronica.
Their early sound was ostensibly synthetic, mixing very 'clean' analogue synthesizer sounds with taped dialogue. This was the sound of their debut release, the 1982 cassette called "Cal's Ranch". It almost completely lacked vocals, which is generally a good thing is it not?


A1 Introduction 0:08
A2 Out Out 3:56
A3 He's Got A Little Dog 5:42
A4 Predictions 5:25
A5 Such Heavy Conviction 3:20
A6 The Devil Makes The Loudest Noise 6:38
A7 Waiting For Oatmeal 3:20
B1 Indeed 3:28
B2 Relax 4:00
B3 What Good's A Hit Song? 3:24
B4 Time Travellers 2:36
B5 The Tone Set 3:38
B6 Appeal To Them 3:16
B7 Wigglin Around In Middletown 6:56
B8 Close 0:20

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Galen Herod ‎– "Patterns for the outside surface of a cube" ( pegna 5) 1981

Galen Herod's pre-Tone Set escapades date back to the days when infinite synchronization wasn't available to destroy the human in the machine.The rhythm units didn't try to sound like drums or even like other drum units.No Overdubbing, a very 'Punk' concept rarely used by 'Punk' musicians, is a under-utilised method for keeping it real, as is No Keyboards; read as, used no conventional instruments.
Above all, it sounds great; primitive electronics laid down on slightly muddy analogue tape that you can't really dance to, unless as a soundtrack to a contemporary ballet.
It's the kind of electronica that presaged the work of Panasonic in the 1990's.

DOWNLOAD from inside the outside surface of a cube HERE!

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Bill Nelson ‎– "Quit Dreaming And Get On The Beam (Expanded)" (1981)

So while we're on the subject of young William Nelson, here's the next ,more synth orientated record which dropped the 'Red Noise' suffix to concentrate on the 'star'.
Always striving for the experimental but accessible pop song,these dozen or so synth pop ditties were written around the same time as the material for 'Red Noise',which is why it sounds almost the same. He was/is always prolific, and even pushing 70 he has released four albums this far!
Although I lost interest in his music from here onward, one must respect his relentless creativity which shows little sign of abating.
This LP contains at least one synth-pop classic in "Do you dream in colour?",and this remastered version comes with plenty of nice bonus tracks,to further enhance your listening experience.....and don't forget he even had time to produce the early 'A Flock Of Seagulls' tracks on his own Cocteau label.Which I guess is something of a millstone around his neck?...but at least he didn't produce 'U2' like Eno did!? What were you doing Briaaaaaan!!!!!!


1 Banal 3:53
2 Living In My Limousine 4:10
3 Vertical Games 3:15
4 Disposible 5:55
5 False Alarms 2:51
6 Decline And Fall 4:43
7 White Sound 4:10
8 Life Runs Out Like Sand 5:23
9 A Kind Of Loving 4:16
10 Do You Dream In Colour 3:46
11 U.H.F. 4:41
12 Youth Of Nation On Fire 4:05
13 Quit Dreaming And Get On The Beam 3:39
Bonus Tracks:
14 Mr. Magnetism Himself 3:11
15 Living In My Limousine (Remix) 4:20
16 Birds Of Tin 2:20
17 Love In The Abstract 3:34
18 Be My Dynamo 2:11
19 Rooms With Brittle Views 3:53
20 All My Wives Were Iron 1:31

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Bill Nelson's Red Noise ‎– "Sound On Sound (+ Demos, Sessions, and Live Stuff.)" 1979

Bill Nelson hears XTC and Devo , then realises that 'Be Bop Deluxe'(His former Band) were shit and joins the rest of the UK in rejecting any music that existed before 1977.
So 'Red Noise' (The prog record company Harvest insisted on adding the prefix 'Bill Nelson's' for marketing purposes), was Bill's attempt to make music for the modern kids.
It Tanked of course, and many a bargain bin was littered with reams of Red Noise albums;which is where i bought mine....99p in Woolies. I played it and it was great,like a less spastic XTC.
Bill was also a champion of 'A Flock Of Seagulls' whom I also secretly dig as a very,very, guilty pleasure.
This was intended to be futuristic,like A Flock Of Seagulls' hairstyle, but quickly dated, and now sounds futuristic again in a retro-futurist stylee(unlike A Flock Of Seagulls' Hairstyle)...if you catch my drift.
As the last album I posted was also called 'Sound On Sound', and someone requested some 'live' Red Noise;it is my pleasure to offer this greatly expanded version of the album, including Demo's, Sessions, and Live's great,not good.


1 Don't Touch Me (I'm Electric) 1:51
2 For Young Moderns 4:25
3 Stop/Go/Stop 3:10
4 Furniture Music 3:32
5 Radar In My Heart 1:37
6 Stay Young 3:12
7 Out Of Touch 3:31
8 A Better Home In The Phantom Zone 4:27
9 Substitute Flesh 3:30
10 The Atom Age 3:02
11 Art/Empire/Industry 2:44
12 Revolt Into Style 3:24
Bonus Tracks (Singles & Sessions)
Furniture Music (HAR 5176) B-Sides

13 Wonder Toys That Last Forever 4:03
14 Acquitted By Mirrors 4:57
Revolt Into Style (12 HAR 5183) B-Sides
15 Stay Young (Live At Leicester De Montfort Hall) 3:01
16 Out Of Touch (Live At Leicester De Montfort Hall) 3:49

BBC In Concert 1979
17 Out Of Touch 3:48
18 Stop-Go-Stop 3:06
19 The Atom Age 3:03
20 Possession 2:06
21 Substitute Flesh 3:43
22 A Better Home In The Phantom Zone 4:58
23 Radar In My Heart 1:38
24 Art-Empire-Industry 3:01
25 Revolt Into Style 3:25
26 Stay Young 3:18
Peel Session (17th February 1979)
27 Stay Young 3:00
28 Furniture Music 3:39
29 Don't Touch Me (I'm Electric) 1:41
30 Out Of Touch 3:44

The Old Grey Whistle Test 1979
31 Don't Touch Me 1:41
32 Furniture Music 3:45
33 Stay Young 2:57
Demo's 1978:
34 The Atom Age 3:34
35 Furniture Music 3:27
36 Out Of Touch 3:37
37 Radar In My Heart 1:41
38 Revolt Into Style 3:33
39 Stay Young 3:25
40 Stop Go Stop 3:15
41 Substitute Flesh 3:53
42 That Way For Years 5:28
43 Waiting For The Night 4:10
44 A Better Home In The Phantom Zone 4:43
45 For Young Moderns 5:00
46 Acquitted By Mirrors 1:59

Friday, 10 November 2017

André De Saint-Obin ‎– "Sound On Sound" (Ding Dong Records And Tapes ‎– ddc 003) 1982

Dutch bedroom artist with Rexox A77 remakes Bill Nelson's Red Noise, but without the catchy futuristic melodies.
André delivers a very dense electronic rock tape, full of retro-futurism  and processed voices. Its actually rather entertaining;but,as he used the same album title as Bill Nelson's doomed Red Noise project, this gives me an opportunity to link to some long promised Live Red Noise, as requested some months ago. 


A1 Introduction 3:45
A2 My Dirty Self 4:40
A3 Dance Till I Die 3:58
A4 My Burning Head 4:02
A5 Woman`s Talk 1:39
A6 Keine Zukunft 5:46
B1 Is It A Cop? 3:10
B2 Hey You 4:08
B3 I Got Plopmusic 2:56
B4 Suicide 4:12
B5 Desolation 2:44
B6 A Tempo Accel. 3:27
B7 $ 13 3:15

Download removed by request....see comments for link to buy the re-released version.

Mekanik Kommando ‎– "It Would Be Quiet In The Woods If Only A Few Birds Sing" (Torso) 1981

There are many myths that circulate throughout the pubs,bars and cafés of the world. One is that there was a character called Seaman Staines in 'Captain Pugwash'*, another is that Captain Kirk actually said 'Beam me up Scotty', and the biggest one is, that No Birds sing at Auschwitz. Which is partially true because there are very few trees at Auschwitz! There is ,however, plenty of birdsong; just not as much as there would be if there were somewhere for them to roost.
Another psychological effect of birdsong in an otherwise quiet environment is that it accentuates the silence.Silence in itself is often noisier than a wood full of birdies warbling; so my point is, that the album title is in fact quite an accurate observation. Silence for me, is far noisier than this home recorded minimal synth classic by Dutch electronic post-punkers, and not a Magma tribute band at all, Mekanik Kommando.

(*There was a character called Master Mate,commonly thought to be Master Bates...titter titter titter.)

Nevertheless, here's a fine example of naughty adult innuendos on kids Tv with this charming episode of 'Rainbow' by clicking here!


Birds 4:57
Microbes 3:07
Plants 2:40
Vortex 2:56
Replay 3:34
White Soldier 3:22
Money For Pleasure 2:16
Icefield 4:06
Japanese Eyes 2:52
Dress Grey 2:46
On Snack 2:30

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Mekanik Kommando ‎– "Snake Is Queen" (Wereld Rekord ‎– 1A 068-26891) 1982

No not a Magma tribute band, but a Dutch minimal synth band from you probably guessed?.....No?
I've always wanted to be in a Magma tribute band, but my concentrational abilities are notoriously shallow; time signatures what are they? what was I saying??, yeah, minimal synth......good innit?
This album is a fine example of those electronic groups who still used a real Bass guitar, like Tubeway Army......but ,horror of horrors! I detect a fretless bass on a couple of tracks? I do....but I won't hold it against them, because its a great record, full of Futurist pretensions but still retaining that naive analogue warmth of early synth units; soon to be fucked up for half adecade while we all slowly realised digital synthesis, LCD screens,multiselect menus and buttons were shit. Awful as the Rave phenomena was, at least it brought back 'Knobs' to twiddle,real time sound manipulation and that essential ingredient,warmth.


A1 Pain In Eden 4:20
A2 Attraction Of Light 4:38
A3 Passing Clouds 4:45
A4 Crow 3:53
A5 Entangled By Colours 4:01
B1 Door 4:22
B2 Thin Ice 5:04
B3 Snake Is Queen / Endless 4:32
B4 Conquer The World 4:55

Various ‎Artists – "Radionome" (VPRO ‎– VPRO 1010) 1982

Get your electronic clogs on and kick your way through a dyke to simulate the wave of minimal synth duo's that flooded the low countries around 1981.Of which this VPRO Radio compilation is constructed around.
The fact that it included the magnificent 'Nine Circles' is reason enough on it's own to download this treasure, or even shell out the 130 euros that it is apparently worth in these sad ol' days.
They must have been a miserable lot at that trendy radio station, because they chose the two most miserable, but best, Circles tracks from their largely unreleased in their lifetimes back catalogue. These being the only tracks that made it onto vinyl in their original existence.They're now re-formed, cashing in on the minimal wave phenomenon hopefully.Even if they do look like a couple of Brexit/Trump/Le Pen voters lugging synthesisers around on the back of their mobility scooters......don't we all? 
I'd put up their entire works for download, but I upset the lady of the group when i posted some of their works a few years ago.Some people don't get my humour.... amazingly....(not!). However she was greatly insulted and ,probably rightly, Livid(For which I humbly apologise). So I got a complaint, and had to withdraw it or be deleted...again!....(ps, but if you e-mail me i'll send you a link ;-))
The rest of the tracks are pretty good too by the way.


A1 –Stephen Emmer - You See You
A2 –Van Kaye & Ignit - The Heat
A3 –Van Kaye & Ignit - Whirlwind
A4 –Van Kaye & Ignit - Alice Notley
A5 –Nine Circles - Twinkling Stars
A6 –Nine Circles - What's There Left
B1 –Smalts Werktitel - 10
B2 –Smalts Werktitel - 4
B3 –Cargo Cultus - La Peste
B4 –Cargo Cultus - Stick At No Scruples
B5 –Genetic Factor - Action Spot

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Truss + Instruments ‎– "79/80" (Self-Released C-60) 1980

Truus de Groot was in Dutch post-punkers Nasmak for a time, providing some electronic weirdness. She went on to do various stuff over the years, including this muddy electronic Industrial cassette.This tape was intended to be played in glorious Mono.Not recommended to listen to this on headphones in stereo, as everything is panned to the extreme right or left. For a ear damaged person like me it is most uncomfortable,and disorientating......but maybe that was her intention?.....Artists eh?

A1 Lucky Day
A2 Music-zak
A3 How?
A4 Herhalingen
A5 You're A Man
B1 Dance
B2 Untitledimprovisation X9
B3 So
B4 Stratego

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Nasmak ‎– "4our Clicks" (Plurex Records ‎– PLUREX 2300) 1982

By 1982, in the proper recording studio world, Nasmak were sliding remorselessly in the direction that was inhabited by the 'Futurists', aka the New Romantics!....the main instrument of torture that every self-respecting bass player was scrambling for in 1981/2 was the god awful 'fretless bass', and Nasmak were not innocent of this crime against music.
Leaving behind the lo-fi post-punk of their recent past,they slipped dangerously towards the sci-fantasy world of Classix Nouveaux territory with this one....although one has to say not anywhere near as brain damaging.
A Sylvian-less Japan is a less insulting comparison; something they would slip further towards for their next album 'Duel',which sounds Japan, complete with a whinier David Sylvian-a-like. So, I won't be posting that one.
It strange how following technological advancements and fashion can lead to one becoming more stuck in a past epoch, even when one undoubtedly feels one is pushing forward.This album therefore,is far more dated than their earlier work.
Fretless Basses, gated snare drums,Classix Nouveaux records and FM digital synthesizers should be handed in along with any unregistered firearms to your local police station as soon as possible!


A1 Pilot In Charge 2:49
A2 Waiting Room 4:30
A3 I Hope I Am Gonna Rain Today 4:03
A4 Nothing But The Lyrics 3:29
A5 Sade M De 3:21
B1 Origins And Whereabouts 2:06
B2 No Touch And Go 4:35
B3 Take A Look 2:47
B4 Not Your Living Doll 3:12
B5 Nosedive 4:08
B6 4our Clicks 0:17

Monday, 6 November 2017

Nasmak ‎– "Indecent Exposure 5 & 6 (Only This Day And 77 Others)" ( Plurex Records ‎– C 022) 1982

Only another 80 tracks to go in this Dutch Post-Punk extravaganza!
For these 'White Album/Sandinista syndrome' moments that groups have from time to time, when they feel an irresistible urge to bung everything they do,no matter how shite, onto one album.One usually feels a similar impulse to say, "Would have made a great EP"; but on this occasion I feel that this would have made a great quadruple album.....which it essentially is already, so i'll shut up.
However it's more like the Beatles 'Anthology' rather than the 'White Album', because its full of different takes of the same songs,and works in progress......not that i'm comparing them with The Beatles of course....that would be silly wouldn't it?.....Nasmak are far better.


Indecent Exposure 5:
A1 F.M. Parade 1023
A2 Days 4
A3 Complicated Things
A4 Never Fool The P.A.-System
A5 Eyes 2
A6 Ne Me Quitte...
A7 I'll Never Do It Again In Hongkong 3
A8 2 Seconds Of The Flipside
A9 I Do 1
A10 Void 2 (Rehearsing 1981)
A11 Calypso Around The Clock
A12 I Do 2
A13 The Master Bait
A14 I'll Never Do It Again In Hongkong 4
A15 I Do 3
A16 Word
A17 Tudance 1
A18 I Didn't Do 1
A19 Vaseline Des Artistes (Rehearsing 1981)
A20 To Love The Fall In Djnepropetrowsk 2
A21 I Do 4
A22 Variations (2 Parts)
A23 Tudance 2 (2 Parts)
A24 I Do 5
B1 The Force Of Habit 2
B2 Roommates In Space Soundtrack
B3 I Didn't Do 2
B4 Beautiful Obscenery (Repeat Chorus 2) (Rehearsing 1981)
B5 Tudance 3
B6 I Didn't Do 3
B7 Birds (2 Parts)
B8 Fair 1 (2 Parts)
B9 I Didn't Do 4
B10 Origins And Whereabouts 3 (Crying)
B11 Labour
B12 I Do 6
B13 Cold Blood (Rehearsing 1981)
B14 Au 3
B15 Part V (Music For Movie "Do Not Title")
B16 Fair 2
B17 Ashes
B18 2nd
B19 Livin' Doll
B20 Sneak Through Any Window 2 (3 Parts)
B21 4th
B22 Now Minds Are Making New Cities
B23 Ich Liebe Dich
B24 Searching For One Hammer In Several Sheds

Indecent Exposure 6:
C1 Hobby Horse (Rehearsing 1981)
C2 Tudance 4
C3 Cocacola
C4 Stop
C5 F.M. Parade 1203
C6 F.M. Parade 1203
C7 Picture
C8 Other Places And Sea Sons (2 Parts)
C9 Won't Ye Com' Over (2 Parts)
C10 Lilly Marleen
C11 F.M. Parade 0123
C12 Tudance 5
C13 Team Spirit 2 (Why Talk Of - ) (Rehearsing 1981)
C14 Only This Day
C15 "Chocolat" 1
C16 Dead Slow 1 (Live 1981)
C17 F.M. Parade 1204
D1 F.M. Parade 1024 (4 Parts)
D2 I Do 7
D3 Before Being Born(e) (3 Parts)
D4 Better 1
D5 Soul
D6 Au Pair (Live 1981)
D7 A Shop
D8 Saw My Own Doubt Leaving
D9 Post
D10 Lilly Marleen
D11 Thank You
D12 "Chocolat" 2
D13 Announcement
D14 Inside Down 2 (Live 1981)
D15 4our Clicks (Live 1981)


Sunday, 5 November 2017

Nasmak ‎– "Indecent Exposure 3 & 4 (The Smell Remains)" (Plurex Records ‎– PLUREX C021) 1981

Here's the next part of the trilogy of double cassettes from Dutch Post-Punk experimentalists Nasmak.Remarkably good stuff and loads of it!......and there's even more to come!?


Indecent Exposure 3
3-01 Take A Look 2 2:48
3-02 Kindness 0:44
3-03 Dino 1 (2 Parts) 2:15
3-04 Madrid Central 1:33
3-05 Public Call 1:33
3-06 Rubber Bubble Vs Vital 5:28
3-07 Cocko (2 Parts) 1:37
3-08 Rhapsody In Ankara 1:09
3-09 Maxaret 1 0:37
3-10 Budapest Disco 0:59
3-11 See No More 0:47
3-12 Origins & Whereabouts 2 2:07
3-13 Rubber Bubble Vs Vital 4:25
3-14 Berlin Polka 1:38
3-15 Luggage 2:52
3-16 Dino 2 0:56
3-17 Lily Marleen 1:20
3-18 Valse Paris Minuit 5:25
3-19 Dino 3 1:04
3-20 Void 1 2:08
3-21 Dead Slow 2 1:47
3-22 The Force Of Habit 1 0:49
3-23 The Force Of Habit 1 (Continued) 0:29
3-24 Dino 4 (2 Parts) 1:36
3-25 Void 3 2:31
3-26 How Are You 1:15
3-27 Void 4 1:28
3-28 Origins & Whereabouts 1 (Trying) 2:36
3-29 Hanza 1:55
3-30 Exactly So 2:35
3-31 Violint (2 Parts) 0:52
3-32 Inside The Box (It's So Hard For Me To Shout) 2:50
3-33 Violin Maxaret 0:51
3-34 Dishhunt 3:57
3-35 Entree 0:11
3-36 Kimono 1 (The Girl In The Pink?) 2:59
3-37 I Want To Know (2 Parts) 0:59
3-38 Bo Dance 5:06
3-39 Can You 0:11
3-40 So What 1:42
3-41 Days 1 1:26
3-42 Take A Look 1 3:46
3-43 I'll Never Do That Again In Hong Kong 1 2:54
3-44 Days 2 0:29
3-45 Team Spirit (Why Talk Of?) 1:30
Indecent Exposure 4
4-01 Team Spirit (Why Talk Of?) 3:33
4-02 I'll Never Do That Again In Hong Kong 2 (2 Parts) 5:00
4-03 Days 3 0:26
4-04 Strangers In This Night 2:31
4-05 To Love The Fall In Dnjepropetrowsk (3 Parts) 4:04
4-06 Kimono 2 (The Girl In The Pink?) 4:29
4-07 To Love The Fall In Dnjepropetrowsk (5 Parts) 6:12
4-08 Spring In Tomsk 1 2:38
4-09 Common Sense 0:38
4-10 Sneak Through Any Window 1 (2 Parts) 3:18
4-11 Spring In Tomsk 2 0:57
4-12 Perque? (Why Pickups) 2:48
4-13 Maxaret 2 4:05
4-14 Spring In Tomsk 3 1:10
4-15 Little Secrets (We've Got No Time) 3:51
4-16 Waiting Room (Repeat Chorus 1) (8 Parts) 7:52
4-17 Inside Down 1 1:04
4-18 Spring In Tomsk 4 0:21
4-19 Smell Remains 2:30
4-20 F M Parade 1023 (To Be Continued) 1:33


Saturday, 4 November 2017

Nasmak ‎– "Indecent Exposure 1 & 2 (Music For Brass, Woodwind, Drums & Violins)" -(Self-released C60+C90) 1981

Well!?...where does, or can, one start? Here we have part one of a triptych of double cassettes(a C60 and a C90!) by Dutch Post-Punk band, Nasmak, from Eindhoven.
The shear weight of stuff on this double cassette alone tests ones 21st century attention span to the limit. Thankfully , its largely very interesting and good stuff, constantly inventive and at time even catchy and danceable!?
Twelve Dozen(That's a gross by the way!) tracks captured live and in rehearsal;and there's also Indecent Exposure parts 3,4,5,&6 to follow, which even outdo's Danny and the Dressmakers' 4 and a half hour Rock Opera,"200 cancellations", by about five hours!???
Prolific isn't the words, but its all quality ,classic, post-punk experimentation of the highest lo-fi order.
This is what it says on the insert:

"INDECENT EXPOSURE + 144 minutes of music for brass, woodwind, drums, violins and cellos. recorded by nasmak, roland smits, theo kleintjes and dick verdult between july and december 1980. some pieces were recorded on a portable mono cassetterecorder, others on stereo equipment. all recordings live at gigs, rehearsals/jams and in dressing rooms in holland and germanu. nasmak at that time were: joop van brakel - guitar, voice; toon bressers - drums, syndrums; theo van eenbergen - bass, basspedals; truus de groot - voice, cracklesynthesizer, guitar; henk janssen - guitars; roland smits."

1A01 B.T.P. 2 / A.T. 2 9:17
1A02 W.V. Middendorp 1:53
1A03 Chairslide 2:08
1A04 Wastepaperbasket 1:16
1A05 I(nn)ocente 1:04
1A06 Koudstromendwater 0:17
1A07 A.A.E. 1:01
1A08 Radiator 1:47
1A09 (How Can It Be You Can Be So) Rough 1:43
1A10 Back To Peace 2:58
1A11 Kill A B.T.P. 1:48
1A12 Vital Virus 1:48
1A13 1st Love 2:19
1A14 The Rubber Bubble
1B01 Chivalry On The Balcony 1:02
1B02 Ducktalk 1:16
1B03 Things Funk 2:59
1B04 Things Sweet 2:33
1B05 A.T. Things 3:32
1B06 (You Cannot Feel The) Things I Feel 1:58
1B07 Kill 3:20
1B08 Adultery In The Dormatory 2:15
1B09 Big Man 4:25
1B10 You're A Man 3:50
1B11 Sceptic
2A01 A.T. (2) 2:42
2A02 Sweet Bananas 2:41
2A03 Piano 1:12
2A04 Paquador 1 En 2 3:50
2A05 Old Circus 1:24
2A06 New Circus 1:24
2A07 Circus 1:24
2A08 Words 2:03
2A09 Swimming Pool 1:04
2A10 Love 3:42
2A11 Helicopter (Flying To The West) 6:01
2A12 Afspraken 0:30
2A13 De Vink Is Dood 2 1:10
Rehearsal Recordings:
2A14 Inadequate Possibilities 0:47
2A15 12 B.B. (The Smell Remains) 6:07
2A16 Indecent Exposure 2 2:20
2B01 B.T.P. 1 (Si Ta Tête) 3:51
2B02 Intermezzo 1:16
2B03 Helicopter 2 (Flying To The East) 5:35
2B04 You're A Man 3:15
2B05 De Vink Is Dood 3:19
2B06 Daily Life 3:27
2B07 Patchwork Window 1 2:28
2B08 Patchwork Window 2 0:42
2B09 Possible Harmonics 1:28
2B10 Ayatollah Shuffleh 4:15
2B11 They Are Growing 1 2:46
2B12 They Are Growing 2 1:42
2B13 Au / Ja Toch 2 3:28
2B14 No Circus 0:38
2B15 Spy / Eyes 4:54

Friday, 3 November 2017

Nasmak ‎– "Nasmak Plus Instruments, Instruments Plus Nasmak" ( Plurex Records ‎– Plurex 1800) 1980

Rather excellent debut LP from electronic flavoured Post Punk band from Eindhoven in the Netherlands.For their short lifespan of just three or four years, they managed to record enough material and release it all which would fill up many a long career for most groups.
It's all very 1980, which is officially the best year ever for rock/pop music.....yes?.Classic Post-Punk restless experimentation , stretching boundaries, challenging taboo's, and striving to make something new that we haven't heard before,whilst at the same time rejecting the past. Something that we could well do with today in the mainstream music culture,but then again was it ever like that? There was still total crud in the charts in 1980, but the underground scene was never more healthy.Todays underground music scene is undoubtedly thriving, but it suffers from ease of access and the shear quantity of it all.Its all high quality too,but most of it is derivative of something past.1980 had a freedom to find a future that had never existed in the past.The 21st century was the future, but some of 1980 still sounds like the future to these heavily damaged ears and brain cells.The modern era is mostly an exercise in disguised archaeology, and passing it off as inspiration.....its good but it doesn't interest me much.....its a kind of Avant-Cabaret rather than progressive. For me music died around 1983,or even earlier.Post-punk was its death rattle......discuss.


A1 (Song To A) Dummy
A2 Notions
A3 Food For Thought
A4 Stratego
A5 Neckermann
A6 Pig Problems
B1 Eyes
B2 So
B3 Big Man (The Soundtrack)
B4 Spy
B5 Special Agreement
B6 Heartbeat
B7 Eleven

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Kiem ‎– "Kiem" (Plexus ‎– KMH 7090384) 1984

Kiem are similar in style to Niew Hip Stilen,apart from the fact that they came from Rotterdam too....their group name as an acronym explains their style adequately: "K.I.E.M." is an abbreviation of "Klank Improvisatie Elektronische Muziek" (Sound Improvisation Electronic Music).Cees Meurs'played an augmented metal drum-kit consisting of oil-drums,a garbage bin,an anvil,some anchor-chains and other remains from the wrecked tow-boat "Corrie".Accompanied by some free-jazz-ish saxophone (Ger Van Voorden), electronics and dutch acccented english vocals (Huub Kentie) result in a sound that might be pigeon-holed as industrial, but also has jazz and 'experimental' characteristics.
(Sorry for the edited cut'n'paste descriptions....can't be bothered this morning).
All I know is this is a great album by a rather good group who managed to combine all the best bits of the various genres they have welded together, to make something that is almost as good as the source(s) of their sound.

DOWNLOAD some dutch electro-industrial jazz HERE!

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Niew Hip Stilen ‎– "Heartsounds & Murmur( + Extra's)" (Eksakt Records ‎– Eksakt 017) 1985

Very interesting mid-eighties Jazzy Post-Punk experiments from Rotterdam's very under represented trio Niew Hip Stilen. This could have easily come from one of those Jazzy Post-Rock spin off's of Tortoise in the late nineties, but its better than that,and way less 'hip', despite the word appearing in their collective noun. These chaps can play their instruments,and aren't afraid of the odd odd time signature.I suppose Blurt would be a reference point here.
Included with this ,their sole album from 1985, is a live recording from the Doelen Festival around 1983(?), and a bunch of untitled demo's. Kindly provided by Henk Madrotter of Prutsers and Treasure Hunt Blog fame.


Conceptual Hectic:
A1 No Crissis Nozeclock 3:14
A2 Toekan (Tucan) 4:07
A3 Stretcher 4:08
A4 Tango Loco 2:15
A5 Vibes And Bongoes 4:07
B1 No 2 4:15
B2 Game Over 3:42
B3 Shift 3 9:07
B4 RK For Peace (Chorale) 4:00

Bonus Tracks:
1.Live at the Doelen Festival
2-9. Untitled Demo's.

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Legendary Pink Döts ‎– "Basilisk" (Third Mind Records ‎– TMT 08) 1983

Music-wise, I quiet like this Coil-Lite, dark fairground synth-pop; with a Syd Barret  tribute act singing on top, instead of a cherry.The lyrics are reasonably interesting,but the singer gets on my tits, so the old adage, 'its the Singer NOT the Song' comes into the foreground....or the fairground?
As LPD tapes go, this is easily the best one I've heard.Like some kind of sinister casiotone circus music......but who wants to go to a circus?


Stigmata Part One (Freiheit) 4:43
Klazh 1:40
Love Is ... 6:58
No Reason 3:51
834 1:11
Wall Purges Night (Version) 4:15
Basilisk 1 3:42
Methods 2:19
Clean Up 3:34
Basilisk 2 26:32

Monday, 30 October 2017

Legendary Pink Dots ‎– "Premonition" (Flowmotion ‎– FMC09) 1982

I would gladly class these Anglo-Dutch neo-psychedelic Syd Barrets on casio's as Dutch; they are based there after-all? 
I never understood why this lot were always on Industrial compilations with their home organ versions of a lost album from a certain acid casualty that was formerly in the Pink Floyd. Their tunes are not unlike a bontempi translation of the songs that knob who takes an acoustic guitar to a party sings,insisting on showing everyone how fucking clever he is while everyone sits in awkward pain,thinking of excuses to leave.
That's how I feel when I listen to a LPD cassette.
They are ,however, legendary indeed, as prolific members of the DIY cassette underground at the turn of the eighties,and therefore earns respect.
They do indeed have a large and loyal fanbase,and can still be seen today touring?!
This ,I have to say, is one of their less painful albums.....gotta go now,I left a chicken in the oven!


1 As If...
2 Splash
3 Submerged
4 Amphitheatre
5 Voices
6 Odd
7 Premonition 1
8 Digital
9 Dying For The Emperor
10 Oceans Of Emotion
11 Intruder 

12 Premonition 2

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Rabbit Fun ‎– "Fatter Than Lydia Lunch" (Kaisettes 04) 1983

If Twenty minutes of abstract Dutch lo-fi DIY-garde nonsense from some group called 'Rabbit Fun' is your cup of tea.....and it's certainly mine; then this fuzzy tape is for you. Milk and two sugars please.

DOWNLOAD after lunch HERE!

MU ‎– "MU" (RTV Records ‎– RTV-300) 1971

Yes there were many bands named 'MU', one of which we just discovered in the previous post was a post punk band from Rotterdam, Holland. Another famous musician of Dutch lineage, was none other than Don Van Vliet, aka Captain Beefheart himself....(author falls to knees in worship and most probably tears too!). One of the magic band was the legendary 'Antennae Jimmy Semens', aka Jeff Cotton of MU (the American version thereof).
Having been psychologically broken by Van Vliets experiments with sleep deprivation, food deprivation, and physical violence to create a group that sounded as if they had lived in a locked cupboard for twenty years;he left. The final straw came when Drumbo's replacement drummer beat Jimmy to a pulp, breaking several ribs in the process.
He went on to form MU(usa), and made blues flavoured psych with some old chums from the music industry. The resulting album sounds like a very straight 'Trout Mask Replica' if one removed Beefheart, Zoot Horn Rollo, Rockette Morten,Drumbo snd even the Mascara Snake from the mix;leaving only, guess who, Antennae Jimmy Semens on his highly recognizable slide guitar. Except with three band mates who could not possibly approach the creative space that our Jimmy had been bent into.
The album bombed of course, and Jeff left the music biz to become a...gulp!...Christian!?....He must have been really fucked up by the 'Trout Mask replica' experience? You can see it in his face on the he's the fucked up looking one.


A1 Ain't No Blues 4:03
A2 Ballad Of Brother Lew 4:30
A3 Blue Form 4:03
A4 Interlude 1:56
A5 Nobody Wants To Shine 4:08
B1 Eternal Thirst 9:34
B2 Too Naked For Demetrius 2:32
B3 Mumbella Baye Tu La 3:19
B4 The Clouds Went That Way 3:16

Saturday, 28 October 2017

M.U. ‎– "Motion In Tune" (Backstreet Backlash Records ‎– BBR 010) 1981

Avant Rock/post-prog improv rock band which included record label and record shop owner Peter Graute on guitar.
There's something about the jam-based music on this album that suggests it was made yesterday, maybe even tomorrow? Bardo Pond spring to mind as a comparison, but unfortunately, like Bardo Pond, the vocals spoil it all a tad. This is a style of forward looking prog that fits comfortably in the bracket formed by fellow travelers like This Heat and Metabolist.
They also fall into the trap of having a band name that's a bit in flux,is it M.U., or Mu, or Moo, or the Marijuana Users, More Of The Unexpected,Mescal Umbra, the Mentally Unstable....there were apparently more!? A tactic that was the commercial graveyard for many a pop group, Spizz Energi etc being a prime example.
Of course(?), MU, was also the name of Antennae Jimmy Semens' post Beefheart band too(along with 22 other groups according to Discogs!);and they were never heard of again.A bit like the Dutch MU, even though I am assured that they continued to play gigs until fairly recently?


A1 Down South 4:10
A2 Some Say 3:08
A3 Honour The Independent 4:06
A4 Time Out 1:58
A5 Metal To Metal 4:44
B1 Roots Of Evil 1:48
B2 Power To The Heartless 6:48
B3 Turn Off Your Radio 4:41
B4 Can't Get Used 5:38

Friday, 27 October 2017

The Ex ‎– "Disturbing Domestic Peace" ( Verrecords ‎– EX 005, EX Records ‎– EX 004) 1980

Not had enough preaching punk rockers yet?...No?...
Well,If you thought The Rondo's were bad, their Anarcho-punk rivals are still at it today, although they've dropped the ranting punk thrash for a more experimental approach,involving that great 'no-no' 'world music' at some stage.
The big difference between The Ex and The Rondo's was that the Rondo's were self-righteous uber-socialists, whereas The Ex were self-righteous 'Anarchists' our mates Crass.
Another big difference was that The Rondo's quit in 1980, but The Ex carried on playing the same tired generic choppy anarcho-punk until the end of the eighties at least. I was playing this album on my iTunes and hadn't realised it had moved on to their 1987 album on Ron Johnson Records, "Too Many Cowboys",I looked up and noticed it was no longer playing "Disturbing Domestic Peace".It sounded exactly the same...probably with different over wordy ranting atop, but otherwise it could have been the same album.
Far more accomplished musically than either Crass or Rondo's, the Ex took at least a decade to move on.The Rondo's complained about the danger of being 'Accepted', The Ex are now 'accepted' as avant-rock elder statesmen in the pages of such elitist publications as 'Wire' magazine, and the Rondo's forgotten.

"Disturbing Domestic Peace"

The Sky Is Blue Again 2:01
Map 1:14
Outlook-Army 0:39
Sucking Pig 1:58
A Sense Of Tumour 4:00
Meanwhile 3:54
Rules 1:41
Squatsong 1:51
Warning-Shot 2:55
New Wars 2:46

A limited edition came with a 'free' EP, called 'Live Skive', which includes a tune about what and what not is 'Punk'...called 'Punk'.So take note about what The Ex say 'Punk' is...and do the opposite.

Live~Skive ep:

Introduction 2:21
Human Car 1:48
Punk 1:47
Horse 1:12

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Rondos ‎– "Destroy The Entertainment" (King Kong Records KKR 008/009) 1978-1980

There were two rival Dutch Crass's, and one of 'em was Rotterdam's very own Rondo's (The other one was obviously The Ex), who liked left wing politics......A LOT!
The music is that standard Anarcho Punk style of endless ranting vocals over a hurried rag-tag backing. This stuff should never have been recorded for anything more than an EP, but they carried on until they decided to split after the "Red Attack" album,with their last single "Which Side Will You Be On?" they declared....... 
....."the rondos quit. this is our last record. we brought the rondos to a conclusion, because in our opinion we became too successful; and being successful means accepted. besides; a great part of the punk-movement is developing in a direction which is not ours; violence, alcohol, confirmation and commerce/business. but the struggle continues! we keep fighting with other means.
rondos september 1980

...very noble words,and beat Crass to it by four years.
This double album collects all their singles, the "Red Attack" album, and a live gig at 'De Quibus 15/10/7978.
If you like your Punk Rock formulaic,urgent,ranty,and preachy, then this is for you, and lots of it. If not, then just stick to an EP's worth.
As John Peel mentioned on the last track on side four; they sound incredibly English, as did The Ex!


A1 King Kong's Penis
A2 Wanna Go Home
A3 Hey Gigolo
A4 Russians Are Coming
A5 System
A6 City Of Fear
A7 We Don't Need No Speed
A8 If I Had A Hammer
A9 A Black & White Statement
A10 Which Side Will You Be On?
A11 Tools
A12 Teeth
B1 Intro (Instrumental)
B2 I Don't Wanna Smile
B3 Throwing Bricks Just For Kicks
B4 Nothing To Lose
B5 Just Another Loser
B6 022
B7 Summer Kings
B8 Gotta Kill A Cop Tonight
B9 Too Blind To See
B10 Orange Orange
B11 Tea And Tea
B12 City Boy
B13 Run For Fun
B14 Berlin
B15 We'll Drive Your Bananas
B16 Fascist Dreams
C1 A Black & White Statement 2:42
C2 Progress 2:37
C3 I Got No Time 1:17
C4 Colour T.V. & Kontrast 1:48
C5 System 1:10
C6 Anarchy 1:33
C7 Countdown & Twist 3:48
C8 Syphillips 1:59
D1 B-52 Pilot 2:47
D2 Soldiers 0:42
D3 We Don't Need No Speed 0:53
D4 A Waltz 2:09
D5 Vivisection 1:16
D6 City Of Fear 1:36
D7 I Don't Like The Rastaman 3:37
D8 Peacedilemma 2:46
D9 Russians Are Coming 3:15

Bonus Track:
12XU (Live 1979) 1:29

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

A Rotterdam Collection - Various Bands From Rotterdam" (Backstreet Backlash Records ‎– BBR 001) 1980

Hmmmm, Rotterdam seemed like a rather groovy place in 1980, and here's a robust selection of local punkers and loonies from Hollands' second city. As was the fashion in 79/80,every town and shithole in the UK released a self-financed local band compilation, and Rotterdam was no exception.
It inexplicably starts with the worst track on the record, by The Bodysnatchers, not that terrible Two Tone band from the UK, but another even worse Dutch Bodysnatchers.
That aside, the rest of the album is great...except some flaccid boogie by the Loomis Gang.
Anarcho punk legends (In Holland), The Rondos, and DIY Punk hangers-on, 'Tändstickorshocks' and the excellent 'Revo', who would have fitted quite nicely on some of those DIY Punk releases in the UK, Like the "Mell Square Music" ep.
Plenty more rough and ready, barely competent 2 minute dirges to delight the more dissonant side of your cerebral cortex can be found on here.So get your clogs out,put your finger in a dyke and enjoy the noise.


A1 –Bodysnatchers-Do You Really Wanna Dance The Whole Night Trough 3:00
A2 –Tändstickorshocks- Religion Part 1 0:29
A3 –Tändstickorshocks- To Hell With Shell 2:04
A4 –Tändstickorshocks- Kill For Peace 0:48
A5 –Foreign Bodies- Blackout 3:10
A6 –Revo- Fuck The School 0:40
A7 –Revo- Geloof In God 0:25
A8 –Revo-Blah Blah Blah 0:40
A9 –Bunker-Zombies 3:01
A10 –Loomis Gang-Trouble Maker 2:27
A11 –M Sound-No Lust 2:35
B1 –Stealer-You Dont Say You Love Me 2:06
B2 –Chatterbox- Someone Talks 4:00
B3 –Pierre- I Wanna Be Killed By You 1:20
B4 –Pierre- Kockah 0:58
B5 –Rondos-Vivisection 1:14
B6 –Rondos- Peace Dilemma 2:50
B7 –Alibi Ike-Bedroom Agony 4:32
B8 –Black Slack- Telling Me LIes 4:10
B9 –Steve - Neon Theme 2:15

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Suspect ‎– "Tanz Auf Dem Vulkan" (LeBel Period) 1981

More spacious,and suspiciously funky, Post-Punk from Dutch/German pre-Schlaflose Nächte group, Suspect.This time captured in an unknown live setting, playing a flawless set in an acoustically alive environment.

A1 Brass Or Stone
A2 Same Mistake Twice
A3 Company
A4 All The Past
A5 Favour
B1 No Mention
B2 One Life On Earth
B3 Black Steady Wind
B4 Barracuda

Monday, 23 October 2017

Suspect ‎– "Above Suspicion" (Backstreet Backlash Records ‎– BBR 002) 1980

Before  Schlaflose Nächte were  Schlaflose Nächte, they were another Dutch/Kraut hybrid band, playing in a standard British Post-Punk style; which is infinitely preferable to the sterile Industrial Funk they ending up playing as Schlaflose Nächte.
Suspect sound as if they could have come from Bristol or Croydon rather than from Rotterdam and West Berlin.
Rather good.

DOWNLOAD without suspicion HERE!

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Schlaflose Nächte ‎– "The Angel Will Not Come" (Kremlin ‎– KR 010) 1983

By 1983, Dutch/Kraut combo Schlaflose Nächte, were well and truly victim of that 1983 Industrial Funk sound  popularised by 23 Skidoo and 400 Blows; but a considerably less funky version. Lots of sterile digital effects bounce around in the dark spaces, including that infamous eighties signature effect, the 'Gated Reverb'(Yuk!). Of course there's a solitary Trumpet and the obligatory cymbal-less electronic drums too. All sounds like a terrible recipe doesn't it? Its all so very dated compared to these far more organic times, where we know how to do digital subtly.
Virtually all of bessie mates, Einsturzende Neubauten guest on this recording by the way.


A1 In A Hurry
A2 Attempt
A3 The Angel Will Not Come
A4 Shiver
A5 Boy/Word
B1 Muscle Contraction
B2 Stimme Frisst Feuer
B3 Zerrissen
B4 Forced Labour